ARTMargins publishes  two new interviews with formers members of OHO, David Nez and Milenko Matanović. The Slovene OHO group, which formed in the late 1960’s, consisted of Milenko Matanović, David Nez, Marko Pogačnik, and Andraž Šalamun. It belonged to the wider Slovene OHO movement and regularly collaborated with this wider circle of intellectuals and artists. After very intense three years of working together, the members of OHO decided no longer to pursue success in the art world, trying instead to live closer to nature and to explore spirituality. Today OHO’s legacy represents one of the crucial references for Slovene contemporary art. A major Slovene prize for young artists has been named after the group.

OHO Movement, Milenko Matanović, Mt Triglav,  Zvezda Park, Ljubljana, 1968    Performed by: Drago Dellabernardina, Milenko Matanović, David Nez    Courtesy of Moderna galerija / Museum of Modern art, Ljubljana